It’s day 6, which is lettering of the prompt: Good Vibes Only. This makes me think of the 1960s and the Beach Boys. But Google tells me that the first mention of “good vibrations,” is from 1893 in Frank Earl Ormby’s book The Law and the Prophets: A Scientific Work on the Relationship Between Physical Bodies, Vegetable, Animal, Human, and Planetary. I’m not sure how scientific that sounds, but good on the dude for going for it. And by the way what he says is this: “Receive all of the good vibrations that spirits can give you, but do something for yourself, if you expect results.” Who can argue with that? Personally, I think I went a bit Art Deco in my lettering, so no hint of the Beach Boys or old Ormby, and also some silly animals have crept in somehow.