So, I fell off the bandwagon a bit with my challenge. Mostly, because I got a job as a graphic facilitator or scribe for a meeting Herne Hill Forum was holding to set up a community plan. They wanted me to visualise the ideas they came up with. It was quite a challenge to draw continuously for 3.5 hours in public, representing their ideas as they discussed them, but I loved every second of it. The energy was amazing!


The room was full of people who were completely engaged and had lots of good ideas.


I like to think that this is a good way for art to serve the community. If you don’t know Herne Hill, it is a lovely village in zone 2 London. It has a strong identity because of all its independent retailers, outdoor swimming pool, public piano, Sunday market and film festival to mention just a few things. All this is under threat now because of rent hikes that are forcing all the creative independents out. The people of Herne Hill have now united to fight for their identity and long term sustainable community values instead of short term destructive commercialism.


Last week I helped out removing some paint vandalism from their mural by the artist Lionel Stanhope.


All shiny and new again!


Herne Hill Forum is amending its constitution so that they can create a neighbourhood plan empowering the community to shape and manage the local area.


Highgate is another area of London where people decided to use a neighbourhood plan to hold the developers at bay.


The three A2 size panels are my visual synthesis of the verbal ideas that arose in the room. They will be displayed in the archway by Herne Hill Station as soon as I have weather proofed them.