Victor Szepessy Artist


The Underdogs

River Rats

Lately, I’ve got a new walking buddy – Jax the Schnauzer. We go walking along the Southbank a lot, because he’s just crazy about the river. This is our approach when he catches sight of it



Zentangle Hearts

Day 7 is a doodle day and the prompt is zentangle hearts. I had no idea what zentangle was so I had to do a bit of googling. Zen and tangle almost seem like antonyms to me, but I have to admit that making this was quite meditative. 

The Tibetans


You Shall Not Pass


You can put a dog in a raincoat, but you can’t make it walk 


What did the Greeks ever do for us?


Do you need any ball dogs?


Is it Monday?


No Austerity Land


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